Pelican 4.9 released

By Pelican Contributors

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Pelican 4.9 is now available. This new release includes the following enhancements, fixes, and tweaks:

  • Upgrade code to new minimum supported Python version: 3.8
  • Settings support for pathlib.Path (#2758)
  • Various improvements to Simple theme (#2976 & #3234)
  • Use Furo as Sphinx documentation theme (#3023)
  • Default to 100 articles maximum in feeds (#3127)
  • Add period_archives common context variable (#3148)
  • Use watchfiles as the file-watching backend (#3151)
  • Add GitHub Actions workflow for GitHub Pages (#3189)
  • Allow dataclasses in settings (#3204)
  • Switch build tool to PDM instead of Setuptools/Poetry (#3220)
  • Provide a plugin_enabled Jinja test for themes (#3235)
  • Preserve connection order in Blinker (#3238)
  • Remove social icons from default notmyidea theme (#3240)
  • Remove unreliable WRITE_SELECTED feature (#3243)
  • Importer: Report broken embedded video links when importing from Tumblr (#3177)
  • Importer: Remove newline addition when iterating Photo post types (#3178)
  • Importer: Force timestamp conversion in Tumblr importer to be UTC with offset (#3221)
  • Importer: Use tempfile for intermediate HTML file for Pandoc (#3221)
  • Switch linters to Ruff (#3223)

For more information, please refer to the release page or the Release History section of the documentation. For the full list of changes, see:

Upgrading from previous releases

Upgrading from Pelican 4.8.x should be smooth and require few (if any) changes to your environment. If upgrading from a previous release, review the other release announcements on this site to better understand what action might be necessary.

As always, we do everything we can to maximize backwards compatibility and ensure smooth Pelican upgrades. If you run into problems, please see the How to Get Help section of the documentation, and we will update this post with any upgrade tips contributed by the Pelican community.

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