I18N Subsites plugin released

By Ondřej Grover

In news.

Pelican has supported article and page translations since version 2.6. However, this functionality does not include translations of themes or the site name, something many have asked for.

The new I18N Subsites plugin makes it simple to:

  • override settings for each language, e.g. SITENAME or MENUITEMS
  • translate and localize themes using jinja2.ext.i18n
  • automatically create translated subsites such as http://example.com/fr/

The new plugin is available in the Pelican plugin repository.

A demo site has been put up to showcase the plugin. You can use the demo site source as a reference for using the plugin in your own site.

Although this plugin has been tested, it is quite possible that you will find some bugs or inconvenient behavior as it is very new. Do not hesitate to file an issue!

Finally, I would like to thank the Pelican developers for implementing and designing Pelican so well that making this plugin was straightforward, fast, and fun.

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