Using Pelican with Heroku

By Kyle Fuller

In news.

tags: deployment

Using Pelican with Heroku couldn't be easier. We have recently been working on a buildpack allowing you to publish your Pelican site directly to Heroku.

This allows you to host your Pelican site on the Heroku platform with very little effort. Simply create a Heroku application and push your repository to it.

You don't need to deal with generating the HTML with the Pelican command — the buildpack takes care of this. Just push a git repository with the file in the root directory.

To enable the Heroku buildpack for existing sites, run:

heroku buildpacks:set

Alternatively, for those of you switching to Heroku, you can use the following command to create your Pelican site on Heroku.

heroku create myapp --buildpack
another pelican