Pelican 4.1 released

By Pelican Contributors

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Pelican 4.1 has been released and includes the following enhancements, fixes, and tweaks:

  • Live browser reload upon changed files (provided via Invoke task)
  • Add pyproject.toml, managed by Poetry
  • Support for invoking python -m pelican
  • Add relative source path attribute to content
  • Allow directories in EXTRA_PATH_METADATA
  • Add all_articles variable to period pages (for recent posts functionality)
  • Improve debug mode output
  • Remove blank or duplicate summaries from Atom feed
  • Fix bugs in pagination, pelican-import, pelican-quickstart, and feed importer

For more info, please refer to the release page or the Release History section of the documentation. For a more comprehensive list of changes, please review the respective milestone for this release. For the full list of changes, see:

As always, we do everything we can to maximize backwards compatibility and ensure smooth Pelican upgrades. If you run into problems, please see the How to Get Help section of the documentation, and we will update this post with any upgrade tips contributed by the Pelican community.

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