Pelican 4.0 released

By Pelican Contributors

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Pelican 4.0 has been released, including many enhancements, fixes, and tweaks. Highlights include:

  • Replace script with pelican --listen
  • Improved copy/link behavior for large static files (e.g., videos)
  • New {static} syntax to link to static content
  • Pages can now have draft status
  • Show current settings via new --print-settings flag
  • Replace Fabric’s with Invoke’s
  • Importer improvements

For more info, please refer to the release page or the Release History section of the documentation. For a more comprehensive list of changes, please review the respective milestone for this release. For the full list of changes, see:

Upgrading from previous releases

You may see deprecation warnings for certain settings. If that occurs, please change the specified setting to the new setting mentioned in the deprecation message.

Due to Python-Markdown changes, Markdown users must ensure they are using version < 3.0 or >= 3.1 to ensure proper rendering of code blocks.

Some user-submitted themes use positional argument formatting on object-related feed URLs, which will cause sites to fail to build with: "TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting". In that case, the theme needs to be updated. For example, substitute TAG_FEED_ATOM|format(tag.slug) with TAG_FEED_ATOM.format(slug=tag.slug). Affected variables include:


As always, we do everything we can to maximize backwards compatibility and ensure smooth Pelican upgrades. If you run into problems, please see the How to Get Help section of the documentation, and we will update this post with any upgrade tips contributed by the Pelican community.

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