New Pelican Site, Docs Theme, and Discussions

By Justin Mayer

In news.

✨ New Pelican Web Site ✨

Pelican has a brand-new, custom-built web site! 🦄

The previous design served the Pelican community well for many years, but it was time for it to be replaced with a design that is more modern and responsive on mobile devices. Check it out on a phone and marvel at its glory!

We also took this opportunity to switch the canonical domain from to the root domain, with the blog now available at

Many sincere thanks to Luca Fedrizzi for his excellent work on the new web site. 🥇

✨ New Documentation Theme ✨

In a similar fashion, the default ReadTheDocs theme for Pelican’s documentation served us well but was overdue to be replaced with a more modern and responsive theme. We chose the excellent Furo theme by Pradyun Gedam, and it is a wonderful complement to the new Pelican web site design.

We extend our gratitude to Paolo Melchiorre for his pull request that implemented this welcome change. 👍

✨ Pelican Discussions ✨

IRC will always have a place in our hearts, but it was never the most accessible channel for the Pelican community. Even more experienced folks often found it a cumbersome place to get help and interact with other Pelican users, so was time to find a more appropriate solution.

We have therefore set up Pelican Discussions, which is now the best place for the Pelican community to exchange ideas, ask questions, and propose suggestions. Please visit the initial discussion and post a comment introducing yourself and your Pelican site(s). We’d love to hear from you!

We are excited that the Pelican community now has a better place to have asynchronous discussions. At some point we will most likely set up an officially-supported space on Matrix for real-time conversations.

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